At what age can my child begin lessons?


Children can begin music lessons starting at 3 or 4, depending on their level of maturity. If you’re not sure, consider bringing your child to observe a lesson so that we can watch how they react. You might be surprised!

The double bass is a large instrument! How will that work with my young child?

I have a few small instruments available for rent, which are sizes 1/32-1/10, or I can help you find one to purchase yourself. During your child’s initial lessons, we can discuss the best instrument solution to fit their needs.

Most children ages 5 and under do not need an instrument to take home right away. Together we will create a stand-in “box” bass to use while we work on handling and balance, so children aren’t worried about damaging an expensive instrument. Children are very proud to earn their “real double bass” by learning these important skills.

How long should my child practice every day?

The most important part is to practice “every day.” As Dr. Suzuki said, “You only have to practice on the days that you eat.” Preschoolers might practice 5 minutes, ideally twice a day. Older students should aim to practice at least as long as the length of their lesson. But some practicing is always better than not practicing! Traveling sans bass? Ask me about ways to practice without an instrument.

My child uses a double bass at school. Do I need to bring his or her instrument to lessons?

Yes, so that we can make sure she is set up correctly and troubleshoot any technical issues right at the lesson. At first, it can seem a little daunting to carry it around, but I’ll show you how to make it easier. And it’s an added benefit to lessons when children take responsibility for their instrument, bow, and music as they are able. I do keep an easily adjustable stool in the studio. If you or your child sits to play, I ask you to bring in the stool you use at home for me to check; after that, you are welcome to use mine.

How many instruments do you play and teach?

In addition to “modern” double bass, I also enjoy teaching and performing on historical bowed bass instruments, including the G violone, baroque double bass, Viennese violone and viola da gamba.

How long are lessons?

I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons: generally, 30 minutes for ages 12 and under; 45 minutes for middle schoolers, and 60 minutes for high school and beyond. This can vary based on individual needs and goals.

Where do you teach lessons?

Lessons happen at my home studio in Havertown, PA, located near the intersection of Routes 1 and 3.

Can you come to my house for lessons?

I don’t travel to private homes to teach music lessons on a regular basis. The studio environment helps students feel centered and focused and allows me to keep my teaching materials at hand.